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Indoor Plant Design

Here at The Potted Plant we offer a full range indoor plant service, from interior plant landscaping to plant rentals and leasing, from house plant installation to office plant care and maintenance. Contact a representative at The Potted Plant to discuss your indoor plant needs at 480-948-7321.

Go Green with Live & Artificial Plants for Your Home or Office

How would you like to experience higher productivity, lower employee benefit costs, and reduced facilities costs? These issues are the lifeblood of any company, and surprisingly, interior landscaping can actually help you address all of them, naturally and affordably. In every major study, plants are shown to have incredible benefits that most of us don't even realize. They are working for you, around the clock, to keep you healthy. Plus, when people visit your office, your beautiful landscaped interior will instill a positive reaction to your company.

Indoor Plants Increase Employee Productivity and Lower Costs

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, greenery in the workplace helps reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and stress levels in employees, and increases productivity by as much as 12%. Absenteeism is also lower for employees who work in offices containing plants. A NASA study about interior plants and indoor air quality showed that interior plants were able to remove pollutants from the air in a closed environment.

Interior Plants Improve the Air, Reducing Illnesses

Living greenery keeps humidity levels at an optimal range for human health, comfort, and facility maintenance. Office plants cool the air and exchanges carbon dioxide for oxygen, and reduces airborne molds in a closed office environment by as much as 50%, improving the air quality in today's airtight offices. Increased and balanced humidity also helps prevent colds and the flu, illnesses commonly exchanged among coworkers in a poorly ventilated office.

Interior Plantscaping Better for Your Customers?

Interior landscaping creates a welcoming atmosphere and conveys that your staff cares about your customers and their needs. People tend to do business with companies that have a "comfortable" and "caring" interior environment. Customers visit longer and more frequently and are willing to pay up to 12% more for your products and services.

The bottom line? You can't afford not to have plants!
Interior Plants Service Phoenix, AZ

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