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Plant moisture probes developed by The Potted Plant available in two convenient sizes.

If you would like to purchase the TerraProbe or the Ultra-Probe from us please contact us by filling out the form on the Contact Us page.

TerraProbe, plant moisture probe from The Potted Plant
TerraProbe (12" length)
$19.99 + shipping
(for pots up to 17")
UltraProbe, 30
UltraProbe (30" length)
$29.99 + shipping
(for pots over 17")

The Potted Plant's TerraProbe Development

After 39 years of buying moisture probes that didn't work I decided to invent my own.

I have 20 techs in the field servicing over 20,000 plants. I bet, like you, I have tried every moisture probe that has ever come down the pike. The electronic probes cost a fortune, can sometimes give quirky readings, and always get lost or break before their time.

The plastic probes simply break all the time. The aluminum probes get smaller after time, rendering them useless.

My solution, the TerraProbe.

The TerraProbe works by simply inserting the probe into the planting medium, giving it a turn, and pulling it out. The notches grab the soil at different levels allowing you to test the moisture by hand. My patented probe is made from cold-rolled steel so it is indestructible and will last forever.

The TerraProbe comes in two different sizes. The 12 inch probe is for checking moisture levels in pot sizes up to 17". We also offer the 30" UltraProbe for pot sizes over 17" and those hard to check planter beds.

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